Why Superfood Powder (and Do I Need It)?

Okay, real talk. You've heard it all before - we probably don't get 100% of the nutrients our bodies need on a daily basis. But we're not here to tell you that consuming superfood powders will completely make up for the nutrients your diet may lack, because honestly, they probably won't. However, adding superfoods into your diet (together with a clean and active lifestyle) will help enhance your inner health and will lead you to that supple, youthful appearance we're all looking for. In other words, that GLOW.

Superfoods are the rockstars of the nutritional world. They're known for their beauty-related benefits such as clear skin, stronger hair, memory retention, and boosting energy, to name a few. They've also been proven to help fight illnesses such as diabetes, dementia, and heart disease. But it's often hard to think about just casually hanging around munching on some goji berries, or snacking on a few adaptogenic mushrooms on the regular, right?

That's where superfood powders come in. The easiest way to consume superfoods is by incorporating it (in powder form) into your daily routine. And you can mix them into just about anything - stir into your morning cup of tea or coffee, blend into your post-workout smoothie, or even sprinkle over top of a warm bowl of your favorite oatmeal.

Keep in mind that not all blends are created equal. When selecting the perfect superfood blend, make sure you do your research on the ingredients before you commit. Your superfood blend should not only help you attain what you're looking for (a beauty boost, a dose of energy, or a sharpened mind), they should contain the proper mix of ingredients that work together towards the benefits that they're known for. Not only that, the ingredients should come purely from plant foods, digestive enzymes and probiotic strains - and make sure you're staying away from artificial dyes and sweeteners, as they can interfere with the potency of the nutrients in the blend and are not the best additives for your overall health. For the most beneficial blends, look for Ashwagandha, Goji Berry, and Chaga Mushroom powders for beauty-boosting benefits, or Branched Chain Amino Acids, Cordyceps Mushroom, and Maca powders for restoring and replenishing the body of lost nutrients, particularly after a workout. If you're looking to sharpen and balance your mind, Lion's Mane Mushroom and Schisandra powders have been used for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine as a healing aid for increasing mental functionality.

Our point is, while superfood powders shouldn't be a complete replacement for the nutrients your body needs from a well-balanced diet, they do offer several powerhouse nutrients that you wouldn't get otherwise from common, every day foods. The proof is in the pudding: superfoods have incredibly impactful effects on both your long term and short term health, plus the added benefit of affecting your inner and outer glow.

Think of it this way - superfood powders are that added boost of premium-level nutrients that you really shouldn't be living without. I mean, that "I woke up like this" glow could be easily yours, if you stopped playing ;)


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