About Us

WILD | adj. \ˈwī(-ə)ld \

1 : (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment

2 : uncontrolled or restrained, especially in the pursuit of pleasure


We believe in life. The good life. One where self-appreciation is king, and treating yourself means freely indulging in the good stuff - stuff that's sourced from a raw, wild, and one hundred percent natural state. We believe that wellness is the source of all vitality, and that a life well-maintained will always be a life well-made. Because when you're wildly focused on letting your body flourish on the inside, it can't help but sh*t out rainbows on the outside. So raise a glass, you crazy animal. Let's get well and let's GET WILD.


Our Story


Hi, we're Ryan and Kyrsti - boyfriend/girlfriend duo who had a dream to create something amazing together. This is our story.


After searching high and low (and coming up short) for a naturally-delicious, plant-based wellness blend that was packed with more than 2-3 simple ingredients AND felt fun to take each morning, we decided to make our own - because things are just better that way. When we started Wild Cup, we vowed to keep our ingredients simple and straightforward while packing our blends FULL of the best things that our planet has to offer. Because if you're going to invest in a wellness supplement, there should be several things worth investing in.

Our Mission


To inspire people to indulge in self-love. To make self-care easily attainable through all-natural, plant-based wellness that's fun, carefree, and simple to understand - all while encouraging people everywhere to take care of the environment in the same way that it takes care of us.

For The Planet


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Why? Because if we're using what the Earth is generously giving to us, then we should be doing our part to help protect the hand that (literally) feeds us. That's why every single component of our products has been sourced using natural, from-the-Earth ingredients and is packed in eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable packaging materials. Let's bring this bad boy full-circle. You in?